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Valhalla Surf Skis are built in the USA and have been here in San Diego since 1983 and we are here to stay.

Keith Keilor is the owner and founder of Valhalla Surfskis. Base in San Diego CA. Keith's operation is very different from many of the large companies that have large assembly lines and some of them have even moved to China to increase profit marging. Keith personally builds to order with old school service and quality that is very hard to come by these days. A few extra custom accessories are available also.

Keith is renowned in the surfski and paddling comunity as a builder, coach and racer. At age of 67 he continues to compete and win many races in his age group. In his prime Keith won many races overall on his Valhalla surfskis.

If you have never been on a surfski and you're in the San Diego area just give keith a call and he will gladly meet you and take you out on one of three models that he currently builds.

Valhalla Surf Skis are built for speed and comfort. With Foot well 3" deeper than the butt well. We have taken the major back problem out of surf skis. We are the first to have the single foot well, Venturi drain system, cut away gunnels for better entry at front of stroke.

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